Earning at Courtyards

Discussion created by bostonsportgeek on Sep 19, 2018
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Stayed at a Courtyard this weekend and the points posted 2 business days after checkout :-)


In reviewing what I got for base points, I can confirm the room rate and Bistro charges counted and the Marketplace did not.


This is in line with the new program rules, that say restaurants count, but that retail doesn't, its good to know that is how is actually works.


The interesting part is that is shows the best way to use the $10.00 Amenity (if you choose it), is to spend it at the Marketplace and let the Bistro charges go on the bill.


Also from a value maximization standpoint it also says that you should take the points if you are getting less than $50 from value of the amenity.


eg 4 nights 1 person, take the points for sure

eg 4 nights 2 people, if you can spend 20 per day usefully as the marketplace its about breakeven assuming you are paying the whole bill on the CC