Has anyone else had the front desk make a key to your room for a stranger?

Discussion created by mncnc on Sep 18, 2018
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Just wondering if it happens a lot or it's just me and this last trip.


I was at Fairfield ABQ, I go to breakfast, get back to my room, and the door is wedged open with the upper latch.  Hmmm, I didn't leave it like that, don't see a housekeeping cart.  Open the door, and there is an elderly gentleman going through my things.  From the get go he looked harmless and a little lost.


I won't bore you with the whole conversation, but he said that he was not in my room, he was in his son's room.  But he didn't recognize his son's stuff, nor the book next to the computer.  I asked him where he got his key, the front desk made it for him.  I called the front desk, they did in fact make the key, because it was his son's room.  I said I am not his son, and I'd be more than a little upset if you made a key for my real father if he asked for it.


Turned out I have the same name as his son.  I was late for work by the time I got him headed back to the front desk, with assurances that they'd take the key.


I spent the rest of my stay with the do not disturb sign up, and maybe an hour finding my stuff, he had switched it from one bag to the other.


I've never gotten a key to my own room without ID.


They then checked me out the same day, even though I had a four day reservation, and billed me three times.  I think they said it was because the son with the same name checked out.


This place was a gem, the last night there was a guy trying to get the elevator at the third floor, he was so out of it that he could barely stand, was talking about living forever, and was grabbing at people going by, at least me, to keep upright.  I go to the front desk, (they have security), and tell them about him.  Yes, he just checked in, he's really drunk, trying to find a bathroom.  I don't see how he managed to check in, and I really don't see why they checked him in.  He found a bathroom, the elevator.


Anyhow, ever find a stranger in your room, courtesy of the front desk?