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"to merge or not to merge"

Question asked by jdwyvr on Sep 17, 2018
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9 years Marriott Platinum

9 years Marriott Gold

238 nights

9 years SPG Platinum

486 nights

Lifetime status: Gold   Total current nights per Marriott/SPG 724

Marriott Rewards confirms 18 years status - Only 13 nights per year for 18 years? Really?

That said:

In order to become Lifetime Platinum Elite, I require 750 nights [ I will get there this year ]

SPG 10 Suite Nights award was never issued, although I chose them at attaining 50 nights this year

SPG Suite nights have not been "moved over to Marriott" zero success with Marriott Suite Upgrades

Should I wait to merge my 2 accounts or wait and see? Is there any hidden benefit to waiting?


Any thoughts appreciated - J