My mistake, but it really could be clearer.

Discussion created by jdash on Sep 17, 2018
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Hey everyone,


So I'm slightly annoyed, at 182 nights for the year, 111 of those are actual nights. I never book prepaid rates, my life is a bit to crazy to risk it. That being said, just finished making a reservation for this weekend for four nights, first booking I've made on a SPG property since the merger. I'll fully admit it's my mistake, and lesson learned, but I realized I wanted to cancel the reservation, to remake it using a different card (4th night free with Citi Prestige, it was originally just going to be 3 nights so didn't think about it). So went in to cancel the reservation that I'd just made and wasn't able to do so, it said to call. So I did, just rang the Platinum Elite line. Told them I needed to cancel the reservation I had just made so I could then rebook. The agent tried, but even she was unable to do so and wasn't sure why. So she then transferred me to an SPG agent (without telling me she was going to transfer at all).


The next agent then very snarkly proceeds to tell me that I booked a prepaid rate. Which I was very surprised to hear. So went back through the process. I realized then that I have programmed myself to look for the word "Prepaid" which I didn't see anywhere on this rate. I'll fully admit that I didn't fully process "Cancellation penalty applies" to equate "Prepaid" - my mistake. I then proceeded to tell the agent that. Yep, my mistake, but moving forward nowhere on either page does it ever actually use the phrase "Prepaid" I went over both of them multiple times. Even the previous agent didn't catch it when I asked to cancel. Look, yes its my fault, but the gal instead of just saying sorry or yes we should make it clearer proceeds to just argue with me about the fact that it says it twice.


Yes, it says "Cancellation penalty applies" but it never says "Prepaid Rate" is it too much to ask to put the actual term somewhere in the process? Even she called it a prepaid rate. If you click "See 11 More Rates" there are other rates that do say "Prepaid" I'd never book those. But this one, doesn't say it anywhere and I didn't see the need to click on "See More Rates", so the only rates shown me are Points, Cash & Points and two Prepaid rates that never say Prepaid. Look, I didn't end up cancelling, I accepted that it was my mistake, but it really could be clearer! Also, there's no need to be a jerk about it, maybe a bit of understanding, even if you can't override my mistake, I'd think after over a hundred nights just this year, that maybe I had a point? What do you think...