10 years / 750 nights to LTPPE -- NOT arriving until January 2019

Discussion created by frensg on Sep 18, 2018
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Sadly, I just received the following information in an email from a liaison at Mr. Marriott’s Office of Consumer Affairs:


"Members from all three who had 10 years and 750 nights will not be upgraded to Lifetime Platinum Premier until January 2019.  This achievement is not awarded until that time and it does include those individuals who were longtime SPG members.  The status is not exclusively for former Marriott only members, it includes all delineations such as Ritz-Carlton, SGP and Marriott Rewards members.  Your total years and status will be reviewed at that time with all others who have achieved this milestone."


This does directly conflict from what I had been told before, regarding this issue and the fair treatment for all members.


1)  This puts all of us that achieved this milestone prior to 8/18/18 at a disadvantage for room upgrades.  Us SPGers that had been at the top of the upgrade list are now second on the list behind Marriott Reward LTPPE's.


2)  For the next five months we loose 25% bonus on all spending at Marriott and our former beloved SPG properties.


I am very disappointed, yet again, by Marriott.  They certainly did not combine the best of the programs in my opinion; as I went from the top in my SPG program to second in the combined un-named program until January 2019.    communitymanagers  lifetime platinum premier elite spg lifetime status spg platinum