Does customer service actually respond?

Discussion created by gameofthronesfan on Sep 18, 2018
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So I have been experiencing a number of fails since the merger.  I actually was a SPG and Ritz Carlton member prior to the merger and wondering if anyone else is having the same problems.  I combined the accounts as suggested by the company.  Now have a whole new account number.  When I tried to book a room that was a former SPG property it says my account number is invalid.  But the scariest part is I had booked a number of rooms with points pre merger that have since dropped in redemption value.  Called the customer service and hotel and was assured no problem to cancel.  So I booked the same rooms at the new rate went to cancel the old ones and the points never reposted to my account.  We are talking about 5 different set of 5 nights at 441K points a set so its a whole LOT of points I have had to earn and now disappeared.  Called customer service and was put on hold for 1 hour 41 minutes and then was told it was glitch in system and will post within 48-72 hours.  So 72 hours past no points and I shot an email off to customer service and got the generic received your email response and will get back to you. 

I could really use the 2 million points to make plans right now which I can't do because it seems like the points have disappeared into oblivion.  Has anyone had this problem and have they been successful getting a response from the customer service?  Also I am missing lifetime night credits not that it is going to make a difference.