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Missing stay help!

Question asked by bacho1975 on Sep 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by communitymanagers

I have been a Lifetime Platinum member of Marriott for a year now, before the infamous confusion that has arisen out of the merger.  It seems to me, despite what Marriott is saying, the problems continue to be on going, with no end in sight. I had a 5 night stay in London in July and have not received the rewards for that stay in either in nights or points. In Aug I had a stay in Los Angeles, again, have received NO night credits nor points, and also in August a two night stay in Hawaii. You guessed it! NOTHING!

I have contacted Marriott SEVERAL (!!!!) times trying to at least get some kind of an answer, but can't seem to  make any headway. I have filed missing stay reports, still no answer! We are well past the 2 month mark for the first missing stay, and over a month for the others.  Phone calls do no good, if you have the time to sit and hold forever.  

I have been an awards member for nearly 17 years now, and am pretty upset by the complete lack of a simple reply from Marriott! 

So my question is, how do I move up the Marriott "food chain" and actually get a hold of someone who has at least a little bit of a shred of customer service left in them? Appreciate any assistance you can offer!!