Marriott lost my airline transfer points

Discussion created by jasonjchang on Sep 15, 2018

Last Sunday, I transferred points from my SPG Marriott reward's account to United airlines to still not see points posted.  I was assured that the process should take at most 2 business days, but this has been way over.


Marriott claims that the points have been transferred, while United claims the points haven't been received. With all this SPG + Marriott merger chaos mentioned, I'm not sure if I was just caught in the crossfire.  I've filed an investigation with both companies, with United replying back first saying "no, there is absolutely no record of transfer on our end".  Marriott's service team hasn't responded back to me still.  I'm concerned with the timing, as since the flights are now double the rewards points having to wait a week.


To add to that -- Marriott's customer service has been absolutely abysmal.  Having to deal with over an hour wait times and rude customer service agents.  One of the agents misheard me saying the word "flustered" as the "f word" and responded "Sir, I will hang up this call if you cuss at me".  Didn't even bother to apologize when I repeated myself.  When I asked another agent if I could speak with a supervisor to check the status of my case, they just responded "I'm surprised you didn't ask sooner".  Every agent I've spoken with sounded like they've been having a rough month.


Overall wondering if anyone else is having similar issues.  If someone in Marriott is reading this -- please get your act together, this has overall been an unpleasant week.