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Marriott/SPG with noteworthy restaurants...Recommendations?

Question asked by siliconvalleyplat on Sep 15, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2019 by sorot76

Many of the restaurants at the properties we have stayed at have been "good", as well as, the service, "consistent" comes to mind.  Not complaining about the offerings or dining choices, but was wondering which locations have restaurants that are noteworthy,


It seems less common to stay at a  property with a restaurant that are outstanding enough to appeal to diners that are non-hotel guests. Granted, we normally don't stay  at hotel categories higher than the Marriott (Full Service) Hotels, so I admit our exposure is a bit limited.


Question:  Would you share any noteworthy restaurants you've enjoyed dining at while at SPG/Marriott property?

kharada46, pluto77 and verysuiteboy, I know you are a few of the foodies in the group, thoughts?


We have stayed at San Jose Marriott  and have eaten at MIchael Mina's Arcadia restaurant.

Sample Menu:

Michael Mina arcadia menu

Deconstructed Carrot Cake:

Michael Mina arcadia


One of our visits was for our anniversary.

One of our visits was for our anniversary