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Does Marriott allow for Elite Status and Nights for Concur bookings?

Question asked by dejvuaguides on Sep 15, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2019 by idt
Does Marriott allow for Elite status nights and loyalty hotel points for bookings made through Concur Travel?
That is:
Marriott Loyalty hotel points
Marriott Elite Status nights
As I asked that question to the Marriott Customer Care and was told both yes and no, by two different reps.
As you would understand, I am confused. 
That is:
1. Yes, I will be receiving credit "Yes you should be getting credit if you book through Concur" and guided to: 
2. No, and just told "If you complete your booking through any third party site, other than, you will no earn credit for stays." 
Further details:
My company uses Concur Travel Solutions - and requires employees to make bookings only from this system. So I have been asking  if bookings made via this service will include the Marriott Stay and Points crediting.