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Discussion created by trevorrmartin on Sep 15, 2018
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I'll try and make a long story short...


Post-merger, I'm missing 430,539 points (143,513 SPG Points pre-merger). I have called I believe 5 times now since August 22 and been super nice and patient every time, although tonight it took a lot of effort to remain so.  First call, spent a lot of time with low level customer service who had no idea how program worked then was transferred to Elite Services who put a request in, second call about a week later said no case was made on previous call and created case, third call said case was made but not submitted in error...submitted case, fourth call said case was submitted and should have been dealt with, fifth call said case should have been dealt with and escalated it.  Now almost a month after I merged accounts I'm still waiting.  I did provide on second call a screenshot of my SPG account clearly showing date and number of points in my account the night before I merged, the screenshot even clearly shows the date in the bottom right corner of the screen.


To add insult to injury, my birthday was two days ago and did not receive elite night credit offer in my email. Called tonight to check on status of case referenced above in addition to lack of birthday email.  Was told to keep waiting on missing points and that birthday offer is a "targeted offer" and then the associate proceeded to read off terms of offer, all of which I met. While she agreed I met all conditions, she said it was a targeted offer that the Promotions department sends out and she has no way to offer it to me. 


I tonight asked to speak to supervisor and was told that I was speaking to one and their hands are tied, the only recourse is to call corporate Office of Consumer Relations but that would halt the progress they are making on my missing points.


I'm not even sure why I am writing at this point other than to ask if anyone has had a similar situation and had it resolved?  What would you recommend in terms of next steps? I am Platinum Premier Elite and am at my wit's end.  The part that I think works me up the most is that every time I call they act as if this is a totally unique and extreme situation, whereas I don't really think it is. Please help!