Penny Wise, Pound Foolish ? merger mess

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Hopefully the worst is behind most of you guys with respect to the integration mess post 18 Aug 2018.


This article (URL at end of post) was highlighted by The Points Guy as a possible basis for the problems.


While I will leave those of you curious enough to read through the insightful article, key points of the article for us to be aware of :


Starwood (system now defunct) : modern Reservation, Call Center, eCommerce Web, Property Management and Revenue Management systems integrated with the Loyalty system via SOA interfaces and open system frameworks (system name: Valhalla).


Marriott’s : system today centers around 1970’s Mainframe TPF technology (system name : MARSHA) 


Marriott's decision : migrate Starwood properties to the Marriott system and abandon the Starwood system.



MARSHA stays, and the Starwood System goes away.


Rationale : Culture of superiority regardless of logic? OR Culture of cutting corners to save money?


In further elaboration via an email to The Points Guy, the author of the article states also


"This simplistic cost analysis of course fails to take into consideration the totality of costs involved in trying to move a more elaborate set of functionalities to a narrower and more restrictive footprint.”


My own take :

Ultimately Marriott has probably done enough homework to know that regardless of its failures and compromises (current and future, potential and actual), enough patrons will continue with the new programme to have a relatively low or nil effect on its earnings.


Let that sink in for a moment and you will now have a good idea of the kind of organisation you are dealing with.






The Marriott/Starwood "Back to the Future" Technology Decision | LinkedIn