Marriott Stays and Ballparks?

Discussion created by bayareawolf on Sep 14, 2018
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In addition to collecting states (25 states, plus DC and two countries) I also like to collect ballparks!  I have stayed in some great Marriott properties near ballparks.  I am a huge MLB fan (Major League Baseball for our international friends).  This last summer stayed in a nice suite in Cincinnati to go to Great American Ballpark.  It was walking distance to the park.   We had a great stay, downtown was sleepy on  weekend, but still some nice places to eat and drink.  They have some strange chili cheese dogs there, but they were TASTY (see an image below I snagged from the net).   I will say the concierge lounge in that property was really small and disappointing.  They barely had any food/drinks and it was kind of sad compared to even a middle of the road concierge lounge.  Not good at all.


In 2020, I hope to go to Omaha for a conference.  I will pick up Nebraska and the drive down to KC to pick up Kansas and then take in a game at Kauffman Field if I am lucky and the Royals are in town.   I have been to about 16 MLB parks I think, I will count them up again and post them as a follow-up to this post.  A couple of them don't exist anymore or they don't play in them anymore (Candlestick, Metro dome, Turner Field, Mile High). I missed out on Old Yankee Stadium, but hit the new one.   I have been to professional Italian Baseball League game in Nettuno Italy and a few minor league ballparks in Reno, Sacramento and Augusta.     I missed out the summer before last on Globe Life and Minute Maid due to hurricane Harvey.  I was actually in Dallas late August and had work scheduled in Houston.  The games were obviously cancelled, and my inconvenience was nothing compared to the devastation of the Harvey.  I will return to Texas again someday and pick up those two ballparks.  


Anyone else out there an MLB fan and have any great spots?