My hotel room culinary skills....yours?

Discussion created by tuneman on Sep 14, 2018
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My GF and I recently completed another stay at the Residence Inn, and one of the reasons we enjoy staying there is the full kitchen. The chance to "chef it up", and then throw everything in the dishwasher.


I use to cook on local TV, and have had several TV tryouts (The Next Food Network Star, Master Chef, etc.), so I thought it'd be a nice thread if we could share pics from food we've created inside a Residence Inn! 


This last time, I did a gochujang smoked pulled pork on naan, Chinese broccoli, wine and garlic infused mussels, and a green curry coconut soup. Yep.....right inside our Residence Inn room! 


Let's share each other's culinary creations!  :-)  The only requirement is your food MUST BE CREATED inside the hotel room of your Marriott property  (most likely, an RI, since they have a kitchen)