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I want my Event Rewards Nights

Question asked by azsunflower on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by zahn.christopher

Help! How do I escalate a complaint? I completed 3 qualifying events (before the program change Aug 18th) I am due 30 qualifying nights as per Marriott Rewards.  I have made numerous phone calls to Marriott customer service, have a case number from a month ago, and spent over 6 hours on hold with 7 different Marriott customer service associates.  (In fact I'm on hold right now waiting for the "Manager on duty" for 30 minutes now) Each time they call the event property, then come back and tell me it is handled and the nights will be posted. Still no nights have posted.  I have recieved points for the meetings (that is appreciated). However, fact is they owe me the 30 qualifying elite nights.  I have spent many hours and emails for a month now.  I have been very patient when told to wait 10 days, wait 24-48 hours, stay on hold. This has been extremely frustrating, now to the point making me angry.  They do not dispute the fact they owe me the nights.  I don't understand why this is so difficult.  I have called 800-450-4442, 800-831-4004, 800-321-7396, 800-535-4028.  And sent emails directly from my Marriott account.  Do you know of another phone number to upper management I should call. Your suggestions are greatly apprecated!