SPG nights disappeared, customer service tells me I have to call SPG and not Marriott for help

Discussion created by kellyd on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by brightlybob

Ugh, when I was assigned a new SPG number, my history disappeared.  I'm trying to figure out how many nights I need for lifetime status, so I called the customer service number to find out my nights balance with SPG.


The representative was useless!  She told me that I didn't have any nights showing and if I wanted help, I'd need to call the SPG customer service hotline.  Isn't it all the same now?  When I log onto SPG, it redirects me to Marriott.  When I google SPG customer service number, it redirects me to Marriott.


How can we be expected to navigate this chaos with useless customer service?  I don't stay at SPG properties often, but I know I've stayed there at least a couple of months straight with my job before and had Platinum status for a couple of years.  I guess those nights just disappeared into thin air...


Marriott certainly isn't making this easy.  Does anyone have advice about who else I can call or email?