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Is there a conversion on dec 31st for those of us still qualifying under legacy requirements?

Question asked by jameswlong on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by bejacob

Sorry if this has alredy been asked but i cant see it immediately on the search page.


I was lifetime silver before M day, within spitting distance of lifetime gold but a bereavment changed quite a few of my plans so i stayed just below the threshold on points on M-day.


My lifetime silver status was turned into lifetime gold on M-day and it shows up correctly. I just confirmed today that i have already topped over 1.6m points and have the nights to qualify for lifetime gold under the old program requirements but when i called platinum services today they said that the M-day conversion was a one time thing. My lifetime gold that i just earned wont get converted to lifetime platinum on dec 31st... basically sorry but i missed the boat... I'm lifetime gold and thats it... I have to qualify for lifetime platinum under the new requirements.


Did i understand things wrong or did the rep have it wrong. Am i now SOL and have i missed the boat?