How to handle a Marriott providing false information to guests?

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I booked my wife a much needed vacation to Disney by herself away from the family.  So as to not be bothered with the headaches of renting a car, I booked her at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Orlando Lake Buena Visting in the Marriot Village. As their website says:


We provide for your seamless Florida vacation with a complimentary shuttle to Epcot®, Walt Disney World® Resort and Magic Kingdom®.


To double check this, I called the hotel and they said that all she would need to do is contact the desk ahead of time to schedule the shuttle.


She arrived last night to find out, that the shuttle to Magic Kingdom only runs at certain times (Not on the website and I was not told this information) that there was NO shuttle to Epcot and there hasn't been one for years!


My first instinct would have been to move hotels because I can't abide being lied to as a customer service. However, I picked a pre-paid rate since she was definitely going to the Not So Scary Event at the Magic kingdom tonight. 


I worked with my wife to get her an Uber account and she is good to go for the trip. However, what are my options? It wasn't just a website providing wrong information. I was lied to by the front desk when I called.  I've had great Marriott service over the years which is why I have platinum elite lifetime with over 600 nights at Marriott.


What are my options to encourage Marriott to fix this?  I know that I will never book pre-paid rates at Marriott again.  I think challenging the credit card purchase is probably a step to far, since she does have a room. However, the website needs to be updated and the staff trained and taught not to provide false information.  I want Marriott to fix this so other people going to Disney aren't affected by all this wrong information.   How are people supposed to pick the right hotel if the front desk can't even give out the correct information?



John Messina