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When gifted a Silver/Gold Elite status (frm Plat Choice Benefit), does that year count toward Lifetime status?

Question asked by siliconvalleyplat on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by siliconvalleyplat

As a Platinum/Platinum Premier Member, one of the perks is the  Annual Choice Benefit.  If the Plat member opts to gift another member a Silver/Gold status for the year, does the giftee's newly elevated status qualify for the year AND towards their Lifetime status count?

This may sound like an odd questions, but brightlybob in another post was kind enough to share/point out that another choice benefit of 5 elite night credit only counts towards the Plat member's current elite night count for  the year, but NOT towards their Lifetime status.  


The T's & C's does not state this one way or the other, so I am hoping it counts towards Lifetime status .   Terms & Conditions | SPG & Marriott Rewards 

Interested in hearing from our T's & C's experts and community. 

nationwidebejacobarizonatagcommunitymanagersnipper:  Appreciate your thoughts?


UPDATE:  So grateful for the input from the Marriott Insider All Stars and value their understanding of the program.  If you are considering the Annual Choice Benefit of gifting a Silver or Gold status upgrade, you may be interested to know that the system is currently counting the upgraded member's silver/gold status toward lifetime status. Sounds like this may not be an intentional benefit. With the constant system changes this may change in the near future. Will keep you posted. Good luck to us all