Combined Accounts.  Thumbs Up.

Discussion created by nmballoonist on Sep 10, 2018
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Let me recap my status prior to combining accounts. I had about 1.25M points and 531 nights and lifetime silver.  I had resigned myself to not making another 350K points for lifetime gold under the legacy program so I could get lifetime platinum under the new program as of Jan 1.  My lifetime breakdown was also showing 5 nights as platinum, 5 nights as platinum or gold and above, and 6 nights as silver or above. Seemed short of gold and silver but I had no records of past status and I was going to make an inquiry in the next few weeks to check. 


I had four nights on SPG this past year as well as 13,000 pts. On a whim I transferred 120,000 pts from my AMEX account to SPG a couple of weeks ago to see how things would transfer. I decided I had nothing to lose or gain by waiting so I combined my accounts with and had no problems.


The results follow,

The nights and points transferred over on a one to one basis. Went to about 1.38M points total and 535 lifetime nights. My lifetime breakdown went to the following which seemed to be in the ballpark of what I would have thought but had no records.  Lifetime silver, gold or platinum, 11; gold or platinum, 8; platinum 8.  While I thought I had a few of years of gold without platinum, it appears that they used the new 50 night level for platinum in the conversion which gave me the 8.  The good news is I am now lifetime gold under the new rules.  Even better at this point I will will only be about 50 nights and two years of platinum short of lifetime at the end of the year under the new rules. I will have 50 nights next year (before my likely retirement).  Also I have already qualified for platinum in 2019 and should earn platinum next year for 2020.  Assuming that the 8 year’s of platinum are not looking forward and counting 2019 in the 8 years, I should make LT platinum next year before retirement which has been my goal since the merger was announced. 


Not it sure I am interpreting things correctly, but I hope I’m correct. Apologies for the length and if I didn’t explain clearly.