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Has anyone gained points yet from a reservation that went down in Category?

Question asked by erc on Sep 11, 2018
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We have discussed post integration posting of stays, points and credit card impacts. Has anyone actually captured award points from a previously made reservation that went down in Category? Did you deal with a human, like the old days and just smoothly have the points savings deposited in your account, everything else remaining the same; or did you truly throw caution to the wind, making a new reservation, canceling the old one and hoping that the old points appeared in your account?


If anyone has run this gauntlet of nerves, please describe the process (especially if you are still waiting for the points). I'm so far 0 for 5 in talking to Marriott reps in having any of them successfully execute a change, (one rep apparently thought I was from Mars with the concept - thank you very much) so I'm still cautiously waiting for liftoff.


Thank you