MVC Cancel stay and I are Penalized?

Discussion created by oompa on Sep 10, 2018

After speaking again with a representative at MVC I understand why they handled the way they did.

He took the time to explain in detail what actually happened and why they did what they did.

After this conversation I have a much better understanding.


Thanks Mike for all the help.








Not sure how many others have had this happen, but I feel it is and unfair and should be rectified.


- We booked a stay at the property at Marco Island FL on August 28th 2017.

- Our stay was booked for February 24th - 28th for a 2 bedroom unit using 3250 points

- January 13th we were asked for out room preferences from MVC for our stay at this property.

- January 24th MVC contacted us that they had no rooms available at the property for us and offered some other resort options which we were not interested in.

- MVC put our points back into our account but unbeknownst to me  these points could only be booked 60 days before the stay dates.This is the penalty that is issued when a MVC member cancels withing 60 days of stay.


Why would I be penalized for MVC cancelling our stay?

This also cost my friends and my family change fees in the amount of $400.00 due to MVC Canceling our reservations.

I have discussed this with customer service at MVC but they stated they could do nothing for me.


What I am looking for is that the use year for these points have their expiration date moved to end of 2019 versus 2018.

I have have never had a complaint with Marrriott until this happened.


Any suggestions would be great.