From View from the Wing: No Notice, Marriott Stops Elite Benefits for OTA Reservations

Discussion created by erc on Sep 10, 2018
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Marriott may stop talking to Gary Leff if he keeps reporting what they say, prior to 'changing their minds" and apologizing for the "confusion we may have caused". Here's the article below and whereas it will smack me for my one or two annual TravelZoo Marriott deals where the savings exceed the points value, to me the bigger issue is the about face Marriott made from Dave Flueck's April statement to today (see below from article). As we've come to discover a policy is a policy, unless it's not and now apparently, a statement is true until it's not. (Stop sending me those deceitful Marriott "from" ads - apparently they were rates from previous centuries - because those rates don't exist today - I've checked).

Oh well, whaddaya gonna do? Certainly not be surprised (upset, yes; irritated, yes; but surprised? no) by anything.


ps - this is not posted as a complaint, but more as a heads up of what may come our way in general. I've always treated Marriott (as much as I like them) as a vendor, not a family member, so please, no snuggling up to the firm (they're big boys and girls and do just fine), just take it for what it is.....the possible future. Thanks… 


Back in April I talked with Marriott’s Senior Vice President of Loyalty David Flueck and he assured me that the new Marriott program would continue to do this. I wrote at the time,

Elite benefits apply whether you book directly with Marriott or not. After Hyatt eliminated this last year, Marriott is now the only chain that officially honors elite benefits even on third party bookings. You don’t earn points or stay credit, but you’re still a valued customer. And this will roll out to legacy Starwood properties too.