Point Sharing and LT Status

Discussion created by coupons on Sep 8, 2018
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As many members know I have been trying to get 47,000 pts credited as LT pts (MR to MR). My initial 3,000 MR went through w/o a problem. Have been on the phone for over an hour and was told that was an error and point sharing does not count towed lifetime status.  I said to be sure we are speaking about MR-MR and not SPG.  I was told yes and wanted to see this in writing-she could not find it only that her supervisor (I was transferred to this person from the first associate) told her that. so I asked to have her speak with another supervisor so I could see it in writing

I also told her that I tweeted (hopefully my attachment will show here) and was told that the pts would count

If anyone has had success with the transfer (point sharing)  counting toward lifetime status,please advise

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