Marriott rewards has shat the bed

Discussion created by jeffreymac on Sep 7, 2018
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This changeover is God awful.  If you aren't ready.... don't do it.  People aren't going to blame you for being late, they are going to blame you for the hours they spend trying to get thing correct.


We are going to Netherlands next week on rewards.   I've been trying for days to get that stupid "e-certificate" created and sent to the hotel.  Every time I get a "something went wrong.  But don't worry, we're on it" message.   So I call the loyalty customer service line.  Get passed around, on and off hold for 45-50 minutes.  All the while I see the reservation change, points go up and down and finally, without a word, call ends.


Now seemingly the 160000 points I used to make the reservation are gone, and my reservation says I need another 70000 or so to get pay for my room.  Spend another 20+ minutes working with a woman who says she manually created this cert and sees it's sent to the hotel.  Gives me a confirm number.  But I can't see it on my account.  She tells me I can email the hotel - which I think is a good idea. 


Some hours later I get an email back from the hotel.  "Nope - we don't have a cert.  But I went ahead off your reservation and got one".  What's the confirm?  Well that's different now.


So today I pull up my account online.   Still tells me I need to create an e-cert for the hotel. No e-cert to be seen.  Another 20-30 on the phone.   The person today gives me the same number the phone rep gave me yesterday.  Well what the hell does the hotel have?  He can't see what the hotel sees.


All the while I get this constant refrain of "they're having issues with the system".  Well no sh..... The hotels are different from phone support is different from online.


I suppose we'll just be getting on a plane hoping there's a room waiting for us.  OR.. 10 days out from the stay I'll supposedly be contacted by Marriott to get the e-cert created.  FULLY expecting that to happen.  Why not?  Already apparently have two.


Benefits are far worse.  Customer service is non-existant (although they try).  It's frustrating because we put a fair bit of effort (and money) to try an build up a standing with Marriott.  But really questioning if it's worth it.


Like I said... shat the bed.  Whomever thought proceeding with this obvious laundry list of problems was a good idea needs their head handed to them.