Customer Service Avalanche?

Discussion created by aheape1979 on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by brightlybob

Has anyone else experienced a horrible customer service experience on the platinum line recently?  I've had 2 issues, and neither has been remedied.  I made first contact attempt on August 4.  4 online customer support requests later- all unanswered.  2 phone calls that I actually got a representative (3 that I hung up after 30 minutes), and they were 2 of the least helpful, apathetic, and downright rude customer service experiences I've ever had.  During my call to the platinum elite line last night, I asked to speak to the supervisor twice...the agent refused.  She put me on hold twice:  once for around 5 minutes and again for almost 20 minutes.  Both times, she came back on the line and said "my supervisor said..."  That's not what I asked for!  

I recently received Hilton Gold status because of my Platinum Amex...thinking of cancelling my 7 upcoming Marriott reservations and heading over to the Hilton side!