Points are the Point:  Do you Purchase Points to Maximize your Travel

Discussion created by prnsesmaldonia on Sep 6, 2018
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We have been MR members for about 16 years.  And at some point during this journey I learned the purpose of the Points and began a mission to figure out how to earn them.  And then at least prior to August 18, 2018 I thought I had discovered the Points Priority Purpose - A travel/hotel package. We would earn enough to purchase the desired package and then use the points to pay for our airfare and to wrap around our MVC week(s).  After retirement I used this method to travel for about two and a half months away from home (we only did that twice) but it was fun and we enjoyed it.  

since the upcoming merger however, it appears that some of our most sought after destinations for future travel were going to be beyond our reach and to maximize our Points we took advantage of both the MR & SPG points purchases. Recently however, I was a little stumped as we were working hard to reach LTPP and as mentioned in one of our infamous "Race to LTPP" blogs being able to transfer back and forth from MR to SPG had some advantages prior to 8/18 and at the last hour I tried it and it worked. I had enough Points to Purchase what was to be my last travel package maybe forever but for sure prior to the merger.  

Then the announcement came from Marriott that you could now transfer up to 100,000 Points and it appeared w/o purchasing a travel package, yet I searched high and low and finally found it lurking with the new travel package information.  Not sure why because this was not a requirement as I could see.  So we decided to purchase points.  For my husbands account all went well and my account went well up to a point.  Spoke briefly to a SPG support member and all seemed well.  I have added the link below for others if interested.  You can also find the same info in the T&C 2.8.  It appears that you can still purchase at SPG beyond the 50,000.  I don't know if this is the case for those of you who have Merged your accounts. But it does appear that for those who have Not merged you can still purchase the points with out issue.  I had a long conversation with Marriott however, and they are now looking into this in the T&C and possibly making some changes/upgrades to the 100,000 point purchase.  For those still aiming to get to LTPP with the Marriott Legacy method and need more points to reach your goal, Id encourage you to take a look.  It appears that the page will tell you if you have reached your limit so no worries. 

My final comment however is this the "points" are the point, they are not only the purpose of the rewards programs but the vehicle to travel the world in any style you chose if you have enough points and "case"of course... I feel like I have done most of this in the blind, but after our MVC purchase and having to pay the maintenance fees which have almost doubled since our purchase for one week. I no longer worried about our annual purchase of points  for the purpose of having an amazing vacation annually. and as I have said before even as Gold Elite we were able to get a complimentary upgrade more often than not. I for one hope that Marriott does not do away with the upgrade in the points purchase. 

I would like to know how the experts on this blog feel about Purchasing the Points....Cant wait to see your comments.,