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Platinum membership after the merger of Marriott and SPG

Question asked by wjlin1 on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by garroakul

I am just hoping that people here can answer my question. Before the merger of Marriott and SPG in Aug 2018, my Marriot membership was platinum level, which I was awarded after I took the platinum challenge and met the requirement.  After Aug, I logged in to the Marriott app and found my new status level was Platinum elite, not platinum premier. As I heard from my friends who had Marriot platinum membership before Aug, they got Platinum premier in Aug.  I like to know how Marriott decides the platinum membership levels for members who originally hold platinum membership after the merger. I was trying to reach to Marriott but e-mail but had been waiting for 2  weeks.  Calling is not an option because of the high volume of phone calls and a long waiting time after the merger. I will very much appreciate if anyone from Marriott can answer my questions. Thank you very much!