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Reservation room type spontaneously changing?

Question asked by abtravels on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by arizonatag

Just wondering if anybody else has been experiencing this since the programs combined a few weeks ago?  I've only had 2 reservations since, but they've both spontaneously changed room types for no apparent reason.  My reservation the Monday after the programs combined changed from '1 King' to '2 Twins/singles'.  My upcoming reservation next week changed to '1 King or 2 Twins/singles'.  No difference in rate.  From a status perspective, I'm currently PP.  I've stayed in this particular hotel a dozen times, and this hadn't happened before the change.


I spent 45 minutes on hold trying to talk to reservations to get this fixed but I ran out of time and had to hang up before speaking to anybody.