New SPG amex member having wrong SPG number added to account.

Discussion created by pauly222 on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by arizonatag

My husband jumped the gun and applied for an SPG amex like mine when the new 50k promo kicked in august 1st.Now doing that he needed a SPG account and 9digit # which he had prior to receiving his new card.


Now when he received his card he called Amex and put his new 9 digit SPG member # on his file which was done on activation day.


What happened after that is the system probably kicked the old number out and gave him a new 9 digit this morning by luck as he was calling for another issue asked to verify his SPG # to receive the promo bonus and there it was noticed and they manually put it back for the second time.


So those who are new members or have an Amex don't be surprised if you don't have your points because SPG needs to manually check all the accounts with the merge/non merge accounts but also they are generating NEW SPG #'s without verifying if the members have already a 9 digit SPG # on file.


Just another issue that could be causing members not having their points in their new SPG account in the next month or so.