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Timing of 15 Elite Night Credits & Impact on 2018 Accrual

Question asked by tougas on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by arizonatag

Currently, I have the Marriott Rewards Business Card (MRB), Ritz-Carlton Rewards Card (RCR), and SPG Amex Personal Card (SPG). Prior to the release of the merger details, I was under the impression that I should be on-track for Platinum Premier. However, with some of the recent changes, I'm trying to figure out how the timing of the Elite Qualifying Nights (EQN) being awarded for these cards, will impact that status. 

  • YTD, I have accrued 54 EQN
  • My current travel schedule will add 7 additional EQN between now and 31-Dec
  • I will also have 12 additional EQN in Jan'19 (however, AFAIK, these will not count for the purposes of my 2018 accrual)

Therefore, my expected 2018 EQN accrual as of 1-Jan-2019 will be 61 Nights (14 EQN short of Platinum Premier).


  • I opened the MRB on 10/9/2017. My account does not show any EQN credited in early 2018. I'm not sure if that is a "miss" or not, as my recollection is that the original T&Cs called for the EQN to be awarded on the anniversary date. My ultimate question here is, will those 15 EQN be credited on my upcoming anniversary date (pushing me over the hump for Platinum Premier)? Or now that the card has been force migrated to the new T&Cs (which stipulate that the 15 EQN will not be allocated until Mar'19) am I SOL?
  • Also, I opened the RCR on 9/1/2017. I have already seen the 3 Club Nights + 50k Free Night credited to my account for my anniversary, but haven't seen any EQN activity. I don't believe this card originally included the 15 EQN, and am guessing I'm likely SOL here as well.
  • For the record, my 5 EQN for SPG were awarded on 8-Jan-2018 as expected. 


Thanks in advance for the feedback/advice and any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.