Name that Room - Week 18

Discussion created by brightlybob on Sep 5, 2018
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I hope you all enjoyed your extended Labor Day weekend folks, but now it’s time to begin the long old slog to Thanksgiving and the festive season. As with so much, September is a time for change and so it is with our venerable little quiz that has now reached the grand old age of 18. It’s time for Name That Room to spread its wings away from just bejacob and I, and over to all of you.


So this week I’m asking you to not only to “Name That Room” in the time honored tradition, but to volunteer to be next weeks quizmaster. So when you give your answer to this weeks brand simply indicate if you want to be next weeks quizmaster, and if I choose you, you’ll pick a photo of your own and post up week 19 on Monday 10 September. And when you give the answer on Friday 14 September you’ll choose a new volunteer as the following weeks quizmaster, and so on.


So, folks, for the first time, volunteer to be next weeks quizmaster - and for the 18th time - Name that Room



I’m fed up with throwing you marshmallows, so this time there’s no clue, other than, well, it’s a suite, but no, there’ll be no second photo of the living room! So off you all go, what brand is this little baby?