Hotel Review - RI Bellevue (Seattle area)

Discussion created by johnnyk60 on Sep 4, 2018

I had stayed at this property before. But, decided to add it to a Labor Day staycation run, avoiding the Bumper shoot festival crowds in my part of Seattle.

Property is not the most convenient to downtown Bellevue. I arrived via Lyft from my previous location, taking the bus back to the downtown Transit Center. Most readers will probably need wheels to get around.


I arrived at the stated check in time, but it was well over an hour before I was in my room. Turns out that they had upgraded me to a suite from the studio I had booked. However, housekeeping never called back to inform the front desk that my room was ready when they had finished cleaning it. Not a big deal in the long run as the lobby area is very well appointed. Front desk manager went out of her way to check into my concern about the food and beverage credit. It was explained to me that one could only use it at the pantry, since they are one of the few in the chain with an actual bar/restaurant (similar to AC or Moxy). No problem, I took the points. 4PM checkout was treated as an Elite “given” – yeah, Hilton, I’m lookin’ at YOU!


By the time I arrived in my room it was just after 5 p.m. and happy hour would be ending at 6, so I dropped my bag and headed on downstairs. Chutney burger, along with a Balebreaker draft IPA ($4) and a glass of merlot ($5) worked out really well. I did raise a toast to the ability to earn points on incidentals here now.


Turned out the suite was a good idea as the folks in the room on the other side of the connecting door could get rather noisy at times.

Breakfast was quite interesting. Owing to the significant Asian clientele, rice was available as an alternative to potatoes, so I ended up fashioning a sort of chicken fried rice from the rice, eggs, and chicken sausage (grilled chicken pieces) along with soy and Sriracha. Lots of seating available, evrn during a busy holiday period. 


Verdict: remote location and 50% earnings rate were a bit of a minus, but the staff and food options really helped make up for that.