Seeking Advice for Suite Night Award Usage

Discussion created by jw99 on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2019 by pascal7

I have 5 SNAs in the bank with two potential stays where they could be used. First is the Hotel Palacio del Retiro in Madrid. Already confirmed for a Deluxe Room King for 4 nights. Arriving in late November and hopefully an upgrade will be available with my LTPP status. Then 5 nights at the Cotton House in Barcelona. This is confirmed for a Panama Room Queen and hopefully an LTPP upgrade is available. Both hotels have several suites (5 at the Cotton House, unknown at the Palacio del Retiro), but I'm thinking of using them at the Cotton House to help the odds of an upgrade from the Queen room. I've never had SNAs before, so if any Insiders would like to offer suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.