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Anyone else getting no love from Marriott since the merger?

Question asked by laugirl23 on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by kharada46

Hi wise Insiders. I’m just trying to figure out if what I’ve been experiencing lately as a Platinum Premier is a common theme or if I have particular issues with my account. It seems like the issues for me have been non-stop since the merger and I’m debating switching loyalty programs. I want to give Marriott the benefit of the doubt but they’ve been so unhelpful lately, and if this is the new standard, I’m out. I know several of my gripes have been raised elsewhere, but we’re now beyond the date they promised to fix most of the snafus. Here is my growing list:


- missing one year of credit toward lifetime status; 

- unable to use the free night cert I received as my annual gift despite following the instructions exactly and calling the customer service line thrice;

- missing stay from mid-August despite newer stays posting;

- not credited points on several qualifying expenses;

- room preferences not honored;

- not given ANY plat benefits at Westin upon check-in and had to request breakfast voucher later, as soon as I discovered that I am in fact entitled to it;

- no upgrades offered despite ample space - the biggest thing I’ve noticed since the merger. I have gotten the crappiest rooms over the last month i.e., a low-floor room with a window facing a brick wall 3 feet away, which leaves me wondering who DOES get the upgrades. 


I’ve called multiple times. Nothing is resolved. What gives?