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Best airline rewards program in conjunction with Marriott Rewards?

Question asked by scott8076 on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by ks83

Okay, I am not new to Marriott Rewards, but I have only been accumulating points, and using a few nights here and there.  However, I am close to being ready to book one of the 7 night + air packages, and would like some advice on which package to select, and which airline rewards program I should get rolling in to maximize air miles in conjunction with the Marriott package.


Obviously Reward Plus (and thus United Mileage Plus) would be best, but I don't quite have Platinum PREMIER Elite, and am therefore not eligible, it appears.


So, short of Rewards Plus, is there a recommended airline miles rewards program that tends to work well with Marriott?  I am planning to go to Naples, Italy next year to help build my rewards balance on whatever airline program I start, and then eventually the vacation package goal is for England.  


I would really appreciate the expertise and experience I bet a lot of the users here have...