What dominated the insider pages before the merger was announced?

Discussion created by bayareawolf on Sep 5, 2018
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I am very thankful for all the great advice and detailed threads on lifetime status, conversations, SPG vs Marriott, etc., etc., but I am just curious, what were the big topics say back in 2015?  I joined a few years back and would pop in and out to get some insider knowledge on what properties to stay at, etc., but never really delved into maximizing my rewards benefits.  I kind of wish I would have as I maybe I would have hit the LTPP, but that is another thread!   Before all of this commotion,  what did you all talk about?   Best redemption values? Lounge reviews? Upcoming MegaBonus?   I know many of us have been churning and churning over lifetime status, legacy vs loyalty, etc...I look forward to it when this is all in the rear view and I can focus on max points and great redemption values.  I think I have squandered some of my points along the way.   My wife can never understand why now I don't want to "waste" points on a free night somewhere when I can get the room for less than $100!   I look forward to learning more from the experienced Insiders, nerding out on Marriott stuff and searching for the best redemption value.  You should see the looks on my relatives faces when my brother-in-law and I start talking Marriott Rewards.  Their eyes glaze over.   But I tell you what, they all remember the time I was upgraded to the Presidential Suite at the Marriott Marquis in SF and invited them all out for an epic holiday party.  Thanks Marriott!