A word of warning regarding points reservations

Discussion created by suzysharp on Sep 4, 2018
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I like many other Marriott rewards members made a points reservation for later this year before the merger happened (made it back in May). When I made this reservation I did not yet have enough points to attach an e-Certificate but I wasn't concerned because I knew with things I had booked and transferring my Starwood points I would have enough points and be just fine. 

Fast forward to last Tuesday, I logged into my account and almost fell out of my chair as my reservation which I booked for 380,000 points was now showing up as being 770,000 points and needless to say while I had enough points for my original reservation, I did not have 770,000 points. So I called the platinum line, the first person I spoke to was very nice and told me I was the 3rd platinum guest that day that he had spoken to with that issue and that he would transfer me over to rewards and they would fix it. He transferred someone else not in rewards...who transferred me to someone else not in rewards...who then disconnected me after 35 min on the phone... So I called back, the first person I got couldn't find the right reservation or hotel and I was losing my patience by now and just asked for a manager...and I got Dawn, Dawn was amazing, I told Dawn my sad tale and well as my bad phone experience which by now was up to 55 min on the phone with Marriott and she promised to not transfer me to anyone. She was not the exact person who could fix my problem but she spent the next hour going back and forth between me and people on her team to get it fixed. It turns out that points reservations made prior to the merger that did not have the points added to the reservation already automatically went up to the new, after the merger rate. This was news to me and definitely not something I had read on here, on the pointsguy site etc. Dawn was able to get my reservation corrected and then applied my points so I was all set. The whole call process took 2 hours of my evening which seemed insane but I wanted to warn others who may have made points reservations without applying the points to double check their reservations.