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I wanted to update everyone regarding a recent owner presentation I attended in Maui.

  • Point Requirements going up: Currently you need 15k (Timeshare Points) to qualify for Chairman’s club and 10K for president club…   They could not or would not confirm when or by how much – but hinted it would be by the end of the year. 
  • Platinum Preferred Status: First, let me disclose I was very frustrated with the hard sell I was given – so I am not sure what was true or what was a sell tactic.    It sounds as if – that Chairman’s Club Level will get Platinum Preferred.   As a Chairman’s Club Owner grandfathered in at only 13K points – I was told - that I needed to purchase another 2k points to guarantee status (To get to 15K).   This made no sense to me – so I pressed – as was told that the program is under review and has not been finalized.   I can confirm – I am currently Lifetime Platinum (Current program) – but have Platinum Preferred status.   Not sure if this is because I was Platinum before the program merger or is a new benefit of my Chairmans Club Timeshare status.   Anyone else who can clarify – it would be appreciated.  
  • Marriott Vacation Club (MVC) and ILG Merger. This was only approved on 08/28 – so I didn’t get much information on when the properties will be available for booking.   I believe Sheraton and Westin Timeshare Properties will be quickly integrated – since Marriott international already owns their hotel properties.   Hyatt on the other hand will be more difficult – since they currently associated to Hyatt Hotels, (Which Marriott does not own).   I would not be surprised if they sold those assets – but it just speculation on my part.
  • Current Promotions: I was given a 2k point option for roughly 23K.  It included 2k bonus points and another 2k bonus if financed for a minimum 18 months (Then could be paid in full).   I had a good presentation but I was put off when the offer was presented – so I declined.   


If anyone has any feedback or insights - would be appreciate