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San Juan-Marriott Stellaris or La Concha

Question asked by rowdy1438 on Sep 3, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by rowdy1438

Does anyone have experience post hurricane with either of these hotels? The reviews on MRI seem to be pre-Maria. I have read a lot of reviews on and trip advisor and I am leaning towards the Marriott Stellaris. It’s only 140k points for a 5 night stay at the end of February 2019 (yay for the new categories!)  A few comments:

1. It does not appear either has a lounge (they are both resorts). The Ren might have one but I do not know if this is true. The only reason this would matter is for free breakfast which I believe is now included as a platinum choice on check in. I would definitely take 5 days of breakfast for 2 over 1000 points.

2. The Stellaris says family friendly and a kids pool. I don’t have kids, don’t mind them so much but don’t want to be in the midst of a gaggle of children either. The Ren seems more geared towards adults but also businessy and not vacation feeling. 

3. Upgrade potential on points stay? With the new suite night rewards, would this mean I get upgraded from a city view to a partial ocean view or get an actual suite?  I assume PP will get me an upgrade to a room with a nice view, but how do I know if i will get an actual suite? It seems to me a waste if the SNA goes to a room with a better view since I would get this normally.

We also plan on driving to Rincon to meet up with family for a few days post stay so any input on this drive post-hurricane would be helpful.

Thanks for any input!