Earning Elite Nights from Meetings: 10 per Year, or 10 Ever?

Discussion created by ella31 on Sep 3, 2018
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The new T&C state:


5.3.d.  Elite Night Credit.  Members who hold Qualifying Events at Participating Properties also receive ten (10) Elite Night Credits for their first Qualifying Event, and then earn one (1) Elite Night Credit for every twenty (20) rooms booked and actualized, up to a maximum of twenty (20) Elite Night Credits per contract.


This says members receive ten Elite Night Credits for "their first Qualifying Event," not ten Elite Night Credits for "their first Qualifying Event in a calendar year," (my emphasis). So I'm not sure whether they mean you can get the 10 night credit award only once (once after 8/18/18, I assume), or whether this renews every year. Anyone know? This will affect my strategy, since if I only get one shot at the extra 10 night credits, I will hold off using this approach until I really need it.