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Pre-Merger/Post-Merger Points Reservation

Question asked by wiscfriend on Sep 3, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2018 by 8675309

   I made a points reservation for two rooms several months ago for the ResInn in Middleton/Madison, WI. Pre-merger it was 20,000 pts per room. Post-merger the points per night dropped to 17,500. My original reservation still shows 20,000 pts, and I've been watching to see if I could change things by making a different reservation but the hotel (and most of Madison) is particularly busy this coming weekend. I called the Marriott Reservation line to see if they could help, and after I posed my question to an agent I got put on hold for about 5 minutes while she tried to find out what to do. Upon her return, her attempts didn't inspire a lot of confidence in me, and so I suggested maybe it would be better if I called the hotel directly. She responded, "Yes, that would be better. Call the hotel. I'm new and I don't know that much." (Refreshingly candid words in the midst of this merger mess!)

   I called the hotel directly and had a very pleasant conversation with the front desk clerk. She wasn't absolutely sure either, but she did say that she thought the system was automated to only charge me 17,500 per room per night. She also said that I should double-check with the desk upon check-in and that they would be able to fix things if it wasn't correct.

   I'm just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with points drop on a reservation made before merger for a stay after merger. Did everything work out OK? Or are there still problems in the system that I need to be particularly alert to?

   Any thoughts from communitymanagers ?