Platinum Premier vs Ambassador

Discussion created by jhincle on Sep 3, 2018
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I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything, the main difference between PP and PP Ambassador is the Ambassador and the Your 24?  I have been averaging about 110 nights a year over the last 3 years and have been Platinum with Marriott.  I only have 3 years Platinum, but have 490 lifetime nights, so even if I just get to 50/year, I will easily hit lifetime platinum when I'm eligible  I am traveling for business and due to cost limitations it will be hard for me to hit the 20K limit for ambassador. I am all ready at 75 nights for 2018 and have about 20-30 more nights coming up the rest of the year.  Without rollover I'm not seeing any benefit to going over 75 as I won't hit the dollar amount for ambassador.  


I recently started the Hilton platinum match and have to hit 8 nights in 90 days (which won't be a problem) to maintain Hilton Diamond for 2019 as I have a couple of trips upcoming with the only selection of Hilton Properties.  My companies choices for the past few years have been about 90% Marriott properties, but with a recent vendor change, our choices have expanded greatly to include about 50/50 Marriott and Hilton properties.  I'm trying to see if there is any benefit to staying 100% Marriott loyal or spreading it out and hitting 75 Marriott nights to get to PP and I should have no problem hitting the 30 stay limit for Hilton Diamond. 


Pre-integration, I wouldn't even be pondering this, but I've had enough issues that it's causing me to look at all my options.  Sorry for the long post, any feedback would be appreciated, I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.