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Fraud and getting new credit card

Question asked by lonnalinda on Sep 2, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2018 by cmnath

So I received an email today from Chase indicating that there was a suspicious charge on my personal credit card and they needed to verify if I made that charge.  I called and yes the charge was fraudulent.  Card is canceled and a new one will be sent to me.  Then later today I get another email from Chase saying they have canceled my card, BUT in this email it has different 4 last digit account referenced.  Another call to Chase - whoops that email sent was an error by Chase. 


While on hold with the second person at Chase, I realized I do NOT want the new card that has the NEW benefit structure.  Under the old card benefit I earned 1 elite night credit for every $3,000 I spend.  In the past this program has been a great way for me to earn gold status (based on purchases) since I only travel 2x a year.  After LENGTHY hold and conversation she indicated that the replacement/new card I will receive will still receive the old benefits - hoping that is accurate.    


A while back Marriott sent me an email saying that my business credit card with them is changing over to the new program.  When I spoke to customer service they indicated that for business credit cards there are NO options.  Must accept the new terms and conditions of the new program.  I am not pleased but at that time I figured most of my purchases are made with my personal credit card - well hoping that is not going to change.  


I find it interesting and questionable that with my NEW personal credit card I supposedly have the option to remain with the old program.  Will wait and see when I get my new card what is the accompanying paperwork that spells out the T&C.  Hopefully the above message makes sense - any feedback welcome.  Thanks!