Platinum Status after Platinum Challenge

Discussion created by gigi263 on Sep 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by usualsuspect

I am beyond frustrated at the moment. I know this issue has been addressed previously, but I just need to voice my concerns. Previously I was told by the communitymanagers that I should just wait a week or two and that my status was going to be upgraded. 

I just got off the phone with Marriott Rewards. Basically they are saying that if you did the Platinum Elite Challenge before the merge, you will not become a Platinum Premier Elite after the merge, but that you stay a Platinum Elite. Wait what? That effectively means that I did not have to do the challenge at all and stay Gold and become a Platinum Elite after anyways. This does not make sense at all! They said that the only way I could become a platinum premier elite is through the number of nights. I am so angry right now! But I have heard that there are many others in my situation - platinum elite through the challenge, with less than 50 nights at the moment - please could you let me know how your situation is looking?To add insult to injury the lady on the phone - who was a supervisor no less - said that she would be happy to take away all the platinum elite extra's I had received previously (the bonus points etc) - so I should be grateful for the time I had as Marriott Platinum Elite and now it is all over?


communitymanagers - please tell me this is all a big misunderstanding!