Terrible Experience Post Merger

Discussion created by vitamint on Sep 1, 2018
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Hello - I'm posting this here because after several calls and hours of hold time, I'm at my wits end and I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm very close to pulling all of my business from Marriott once and for all.


Prior to the merger, I was a Platinum Elite (I have been for 5+ years). Post merger, I am a Platinum Elite. Based on my understand and everyone who I've talked to, I should now be a Platinum Premiere. Most of the time when I've called to speak with a representative, I seem to know more about the program than they do. The common response I get is "you're still a platinum, I don't understand your complaint". Once I finally talk to someone who understands my complaint all they can do is write an email to someone who can make a decision. Today after calling to follow up I was told that I didn't qualify for Plat Premiere because I didn't stay enough nights last year (only 64). This is true except for the fact that I was told I only needed 40 something because my 3 year average was enough - I called and verified this SEVERAL times. I also called and confirmed up until the 8/18 merger that I would indeed be a Plat Premiere, this was confirmed on several occasions. Long story short, I'm frustrated because I feel as though the goal posts were moved.


To add insult to injury, I tried to select a choice benefit. I have 55 nights this year. Although the website says I'm ineligible and still need to stay 50 nights. I call to discuss this and again... I'm told that there is nothing they can do other than send my case into a black hole. The woman who was helping me was the one who informed me of the decision to not issue my Plat Premiere status. I was pretty upset and asked how I can dispute the decision, she then kindly said there was nothing she could do and hung up on me - the new standard in Marriott customer service.


Hoping someone with Marriott can help me.


Thanks - Tristan