High/Low Season Booking on Points

Discussion created by pingreeman on Sep 1, 2018
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Just curious if anyone has booked on points since the merger and has any feedback on the High" and Low" points requirements. The reason I ask is that I recently booked some HH reservations on points and was puzzled to see that "random" days within the same week had larger point requirements that the other days within the same week. So this made me wonder if MR will do the same thing - vary the number of points on any given day during the reservation as their definition of "High season" versus "Low season."


Also, I was speaking with the GM at my current Hilton - - they get ZERO ($0) dollars from Hilton Corporate when a guest uses points at their hotel UNLESS they are at 96+% capacity - then they get reimbursed for the full rack rate of the guest's stay when on points. The GM went on to explain that the capacity percentage varies for each venue based on the total number of rooms. For example my current hotel has 120 rooms, so 96%; the GM's previous hotel had 250 rooms so had a 93% threshold for reimbursement.