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Question asked by leor on Sep 1, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2018 by arizonatag

Can someone PLEASE assist me?
I am exhausted of emailing and calling your customer service and having NO ACTIONS TAKEN.
According to your Info on and emails previously sent to us members whoever had current GOLD STATUS up until Aug 17, would then become PLATINUM under the new program.
I WAS ALREADY GOLD both by taking the CHALLENGE earlier this year and via Amex credit card.
My account was updated to Platinum on the 18th and to my surprise then downgraded to Gold the next day.
I have all your email stating my eligibility and also have an email dated June 27, sent by Erin R in customer service ASSURING I had my gold status then and was ready for the transition in August.
My new status should be valid until 2020 according to the email. And in 2019 I needed to reach the right number of eligible nights to then keep my status in 2020/21
I had the most AWFUL experience on the phone a couple of nights ago with a self entitled “coorporate supervisor” named Sherry who not only sounded like she was talking to me from a phone in her home kitchen or bathroom, could hear a weird background and she would MUTE the call when I was talking to her clearly not even listening to me and delivering her auto-replies without even CARING to pay attention to the details I was giving her.
She never even cared to apologize for ANY of the inconvenience I went through and insinuated I was not understanding the program.
I’m am furious, disappointed, and feel betrayed by the brand.
I have been a Gold member and keeping up my status for at least the last 3 years and now I feel like I am being treated with absolutely no care.
If you look at my account I have numerous nights at the Renaissance São Paulo for the last 3/4 years at least and many of them not even accounted for because it is booked by my company. Clearly you can see I am loyal to the brand by looking at my account and I feel like NOTHING is being looked at with care.  

To make matters even more frustrating all my work colleagues who had the Gold status just by having the Ritz Carlton credit card already had their status adjusted to Platinum (without the minimum nights required NOR have taken the Gold challenge) 

Now how can you explain why they would have absolutely no problems to transition to the new program, and I feel like I need to beg, call, email, and send all this proofs and facts to be heard??
I am really counting on your assistance!

I am available for any questions and can forward you all the emails and information I was given earlier this year to back up the facts I am stating in here.

Thank you very much!