Those who completed platinum challenge before the merger, what is your current elite status?

Discussion created by prorori on Aug 31, 2018
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I was Marriott Gold(50 night elite), sign up for the platinum challenge in February, and finished it in April 2018 and was granted the platinum(75 night elite) status.


so I was a Marriott platinum(75 night elite) leading into the merger, but as of 9/1, I am still showing as regular platinum(50 night elite), not platinum premier(75 night elite), which I was expecting.


Anyone else in the same situation? I spent ~6 hrs over the last week, went through a handful of the phone reps(some nice, some rude) about 70% of them agreed that I should be platinum premier and tried to help me, the other half did not agree and kept on telling me how I did not have 75 nights of qualifying stay last year, (and totally rude for no reason...) 


Long story short, Marriott thinks I should be just regular platinum(50 night elite) going forward as I earned the status through a challenge. I argued, then what was the point of my going through the challenge, as I would've became the regular platinum going forward whether I did the challenge or not. The phone rep agreed but said all she could do for me is to elevate this concern but there is no way for her to fix the issue on her end.


I saw online where other people in the same situation got upgraded to platinum premier without issue. Am I wrong to ask for platinum premier? Any input would be appreciated.