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Question asked by yogib on Sep 1, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2018 by pey

I merged my accounts, as many others have done.


I had a 9-digit Marriott Rewards number.

I had a 11-digit SPG number.


After the merge, my profile shows it has kept my 9-digit Marriott Rewards number as the number of my newly created account from the merged two legacy accounts. It also shows my old SPG number as "previous number" in my profile. Real nice!


But this week, I received some communication by snail mail announcing my new member number. However, this number is COMPLETELY different from any of my old numbers.


Is there more craziness on the horizon?

Is this another bug that may have been resolved in the time that the flyer was chilling in that USPS mail bag?

Why is there a "d" in "fridge" but not in "refrigerator"?

What is the question to the answer 42?